Friday, July 6, 2012

Workin' It

I earned my alcohol today.  Three and a half hours of working in the yard - weeding, mowing, sweeping, raking, picking up all the shit I raked up.  And that was just the front and side.  Tomorrow afternoon, when the sun is beating down on the front of the house, I'll do the backyard.


Daily Consumption:

1 cup of coffee
2 pieces of coffee cake ala Todd*
1 bottle of Propel
1/2 bbq chicken hoagie
1 salad with light Raspberry dressing
1 banana
1.5 bowls of Chinese food
2 spring rolls
1 raspberry lemondrop

* That is not a euphemism.  Todd makes excellent coffee cake.  It's how he lures me out of bed.


Daily Activity:

3.5 hours of yard work

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