Saturday, July 7, 2012

Workin' It, Day 2

Yes, even more yard work today.  I did the back yard, while Todd and Tyler cleaned the gutters.  Which was most needed as the gutters looked like planter boxes.  Apparently, it's a Pacific Northwest thing.

Weighed myself this morning and still no change in the numbers, but I feel...tighter.  Less bloated.  Healthier.  Less bloated won't get me boots on January 1st, but whatever.


Daily Consumption:

2 cups of coffee
1 pint of strawberry yogurt
1 bowl of broccoli coleslaw with a smidge of Ranch dressing
1 (small) bowl of leftover Chinese food
1 banana
1 bottle of Propel
3 pieces of bruschetta, crapload of watermelon and strawberries
2 Hawaiian Honeymoons*
1 Molten Chocolate Cake in a Jar**

* Pineapple orange juice with a splash of coconut rum. Todd concocted it on our honeymoon in Kauai.
** A gift, from Ann, for taking care of her cats while they were on vacation.  Holy gawd.


Daily Activity:

3 hours of yard work*

* I'm ready to be done with the yardwork.

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