Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I have nothing witty or funny to talk about today.  I'm tired, cranky and just want to go to bed.

I hate days like this.


Daily Consumption:

Standard tumbler of coffee
1 apple & pecan scone*
1 soy sausage patty
1 banana
1 fake chicken sandwich (the usual)
1 pack of Club & Cheddar sandwich crackers
1 cup of black tea
1 bowl of three cheese tortellini with pesto sauce
1 glass of grape juice

* Mama needs carbs!

Monday, June 28, 2010

No Idea

I didn't weigh myself this morning.  I don't trust my scale. 

But!  I am wearing my new WHITE capris today. And they’re comfortable. And they don’t pinch.

It’s amazing what fitting clothes can do for you. Even if they’re a size 14.
I feel pretty.


Daily Consumption:

Standard tumbler of coffee
1 yogurt & granola
1 soy sausage patty
1 chocolate chip granola bar
1 fake chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato and a smidge of mayo
1 apple
1 cup of hot black tea
A few chips
Chinese food for dinner – 1 spring roll, ½ cup fried rice, 1 cup black bean chicken*
1 piece of chocolate

* It was a lazy evening.


Daily Activity:

Uh. Grocery shopping?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shopping, Day 2

And there was more shopping today.

I was not as productive as I would have liked to have been yesterday, so Todd and I headed out bright and early (9am! On a Sunday!) to Target, Sears (they’ve got good basics) and Kohls. Target, by far, was the most productive. I found some fantastic capris, so I bought two pair. But as I sit in the now and am uber comfortable, I may have to go back and buy a couple more pairs. Because when you find something that 1) you like and 2) fits you well, but it in every color available.


Daily Consumption:
1 grande non-fat latte
1 apple fritter*
1 protein bar
Started a bottle of water
Sushi for lunch**
Country chicken with mashed potatoes***, veggies and a salad
2 glasses of sweetened iced tea
1 glass of red wine
1 small piece of chocolate

* I was feeling crazy. And boy howdy, that was a bad idea. I started getting dizzy and discombobulated in Target an hour later. Hence, the protein bar.
** Funny thing about sushi now – I skipped a few of my favorite plates because the fish is coated in soy sauce and I could already taste the saltiness.  Blech.
*** Which I did not eat because I was stuffed at that point.


Daily Activity:

4 hours of shopping
2 hours of cleaning at Steph’s
A 3 block walk to dinner and back

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shopping, Day 1

CB and I went shopping today at the big Goodwill downtown. If I have to buy bigger clothes, I don’t want to have to spend a lot of money on them. And since CB is pregnant, she needed some maternity clothes and she refuses to buy brand new maternity clothes that she’s only going to wear for the next five months.

I came away with some basics (and three sweaters!) so it was a good start to my summer shopping excursion. 


Daily Consumption:
1 yogurt & granola
1 Taco del Mar chicken baja bowl*
A few chips
1 diet coke
2 mozzarella, basil & tomato bruchetta
1 beef and green pepper skewer
1 fish thing
1 chicken nugget
1 piece of red velvet birthday cake**
3 raspberry lemon drops***

* Without sour cream and guacamole, thankyouverymuch
** It was a birthday party!
*** I know, I know.


Daily Activity:
4 hours of shopping at Goodwill

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fat Dress Friday

I’m wearing my long maroon (spacious) dress that I lived in while in Hawaii. And as I walked to my car this morning, the phrase “Fat Dress Friday” popped into my head.

I think we have a new theme.


Daily Consumption:
1 grande non-fat latte
1 banana
1 yogurt with granola
1 soy sausage patty
1 chocolate chip granola bar
1 small tupperware dish of leftover pasta salad
1 (more) 16oz latte*
3 pieces of veggie pizza**

* It’s been a long day.
** No need to say anything.  I'm already paying for it.


Daily Activity:
Walked to get coffee (quarter of a mile, down 4 flights of stairs) and back

It's Official

I’ve gained weight. And it’s official because I have given all of the shorts and capris that don’t fit me to Kayleigh. She was very excited about the camo capris I just bought in April. They fit her very well. Sigh.

No more clinging to clothes that I’ve worn for the past 10 years with the notion of fitting back into them one day! And let’s face it, everything else in my life is different, so why not get some new clothes?


Daily Consumption:
The standard tumbler of coffee
1 banana
1 yogurt with granola
1 soy sausage patty
½ of a tuna fish melt
Small salad with honey mustard dressing, on the side*
1 cup of water
1 big bowl** of cold pasta salad***

* No meat, no cheese, no croutons. It sucked.
** Yes, I should have had the small bowl, but dammit, I was hungry
*** I love this pasta salad. Bowtie pasta, olives, tomatoes, basil, garlic, with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Yum.


Daily Activity:
Walked to lunch (quarter of a mile, down four flights of steps) and back
Walked around Old Navy for two hours and tried on clothes

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I think my scale is broken. Despite what I’ve eaten in the last two days, I could not have gained 10lbs, right?

I can still fit into my jeans, so yes, I think my scale is broken.

Speaking of jeans, I am breaking down and going shopping on Saturday. My one pair of shorts don’t fit and we’re leaving for West Virginia in 10 days. I need shorts. And non-jean pants. They’re just not comfortable to sit in during the day. Dresses would be good, too. With a couple of cardigan sweaters so I don’t freeze my butt off at the office.

Old Navy is having a 30% off sale this weekend, so I should be able to stock up on some stuff there.


Daily Consumption:
1 tumbler of coffee
1 banana
Started a bottle of water
1 yogurt and granola
1 soy sausage patty
1 6” Subway chicken breast sandwich on 9 grain wheat, with lettuce, tomato, green peppers and a smidge of mayo.
1 small bag of Sunchips
1 Subway double chocolate chip cookie*
Thai food for dinner - veggies with rice, beef salad and fresh rolls**

*I walked twice yesterday. And I walked Greelake this evening with Rachelle and Val. And I haven’t had chocolate in THREE DAYS! For the love of puppies, cut me some slack!
**Let's not over analyze this too much.  I thought we'd go somewhere where I could get a salad, but then we went for thai food, and well, crap.  And now I have a headache which, I'm guessing, is just from the soy sauce alone.  Blah. 


Daily Activity:
Walked Greenlake (2.8 miles) with Rachelle & Val

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Simply Informative

I have nothing to discuss with you today. 
Other than my pants are tight and I'm uncomfortable.


Daily Consumption:

1 16oz cup of coffee
1 banana
1 yogurt with granola
1 soy sausage patty
Started a bottle of water
1 package of Keebler Club & Cheddar sandwich crackers*
1 Morningstar chicken patty sandwich on a bun with lettuce and tomato
1 nectarine**
2 small chicken fajitas (green & red bell pepper and onion) with leftover homemade spanish rice and whole black beans
A few chips
1 Hawaiian Honeymoon***

*I was STARVING.  I had no other options.
**Or a peach? I can’t tell the difference.
***Our signature drink now. We concocted it in Kauai on our honeymoon. Pineapple and orange juice with coconut rum. It was a hot day here!


Daily Activity:
Walked with CB for about 15 minutes, midday
Walked to Todd for about an hour after work

Monday, June 21, 2010


Give or take. I don’t think I can rely on my scale at home. But I liked not seeing a 5 in there this morning.

I found a pair of capris in my drawer that actually fit me. They’re red. I like them. They used to hang off me and look weird. I asked Todd this morning, “Are these too tight or do they look like they fit?” He said they look like they fit. I’ll take it.


Daily Consumption:
1 16oz coffee with milk and sugar
1 banana
1 yogurt with granola*
A handful of peanuts**
Started on a bottle of water
1 Morningstar chicken patty sandwich on a bun with lettuce and tomato***
1 chocolate chip granola bar
2 Tums
1 homemade cheese, spinach, olive, red pepper and green onion quesadilla with homemade spanish rice and whole black beans
1 glass of Sprite

*I HATE yogurt. HATE IT. But after seeing the sodium in English muffins and bagels, I just can’t bring myself to eat them.
**Salted! Crap!
***590 mg of sodium in that freakin' patty! 


Daily Activity:
Woke up*

*I know, I know.....

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Kind of.

I was not good at all today. I did think about how much sodium that pretzel had in it while I was munching on it. Then I gave it to Kayleigh because it was just too much dough. The Raisinetes only had 20mg of sodium per serving! That’s not bad, right? And it’s fruit. Sort of.


Daily Consumption:
2 cups of coffee with milk & sugar
2 pieces of french toast with Brummel & Brown and syrup*
1 cup strawberries & bananas
2 handfuls of trail mix (nuts, raisins, M&Ms)
½ box of Raisinetes (at movies)
½ Bavarian pretzel (at movies)
½ “small” diet coke (at movies)
1 string cheese stick
1 coffee nudge (coffee, brandy, crème de cocao, coffee liqueur)
½ basket of yam fries
Couple of Wheat Thins
2 small pieces of cheese
1 cup of hot tea

*Father’s Day breakfast. I felt guilty the whole time. Really.


Daily Activity:
Uh. I walked to the car from the movies? That was like three blocks!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Goals and Sodium and Dancing

My very first comment had a great suggestion - watch the sodium.

I don't think about sodium.  I know Cup O Noodles is just a container of sodium with some noodles in it, but other than that, just don't think about it.  I will now.  It sure can't hurt.

Now I'm trying to think of what I can eat for breakfast.  I want to cut back on the carbs, but I think a more realistic approach is to maybe not eat carbs after lunch.  So toast it is.

Jim, my commenter, also asked if I had a goal.  If I had to put a number on my goal, I'd say 130lbs.  That still "sounds" really heavy - at 5'2", I would like to think I'd could weigh 125 or so, but that sounds too low.

I'm more focused on how I look and feel.

And Sharon, dancing is a great calorie burner.  I miss dancing.  I used to go out five night a week when I was younger.  My stomach would hurt, I was workin' it so hard.  Now I go dancing and it takes four Advil for my body to recover.  I know part of it is age, but part of it is that I don't do it enough.  I actually looked up salsa lessons, after listening to Ozomatli the other day.  Century Ballroom has lessons and practice sessions for $7.  I could maybe actually afford that.  Todd is interested, too.  So maybe I'll work on fitting that into our schedule.

And if I can ever get everyone out of the house for any period of time, I will crank up the radio and shake my booty here in the living room.  I don't want the kids laughing at me....


So Todd and I went grocery shopping this evening, and we started looking at sodium amounts.  Holy gawd.  And I should only get 1500 a day?  One english muffin has something like 240mg of sodium.  The refried mexican beans we like with taco night?  570mg per serving, which is like a 1/4 of a cup.  And I don't even want to think about the amounts in the food that I eat that DOESN'T have labels on it.  Off the charts!  At least I don't use table salt.  Todd said he's never seen me put salt on my food.  Whew.

I'm scared to eat anything now.


Daily Consumption:
2 pieces of buttermilk toast w/Brummel & Brown spread
2 cups of coffee w/milk & sugar
2 handfuls of trail mix (lunch)
1 glass of pineapple orange juice
1 bowl of Todd's cheesy pasta w/veggies
1 vanilla & chocolate pudding mini-pie
1 glass of Pinot Gris

Friday, June 18, 2010


It's like magic!

Actually, it's like a different scale.  I weighed myself yesterday at work - a real, live medical scale.  This morning, I weighed myself at home.

I like the home scale better.

One of the best articles I’ve read lately is one that Todd sent me.

The Public Humiliation Diet: A How-To

He’s got good tips for the average I-hate-gyms-but-I-love-to-eat person. After reading this, I found a actually do a lot of these – I don’t really eat after dinner. I don’t snack at all. I rarely have seconds, but I do have huge portions. If I don’t get it from the start, I ain’t getting’ it. I’m competing with two teenagers.

This was a good inspiration.

And holy geez, look at John Goodman these days!

And then, as if to really drive the point home, I read this on My Ballard.

It’s all about what you eat and how much you move. Period.


Daily Consumption:

1 egg/cheese/soy patty sandwich on an English muffin
1 16oz tumbler of coffee with milk and sugar
1 sample bite of a marionberry muffin at Irwin’s Café
1 apple
1 cup black tea with Sugar in the Raw
1/2 of a tuna fish sandwich on 9 grain bread*
1 small bag of Kettle Cheddar potato chips**
1 piece of pizza and salad with avocado and tomatoes with Italian dressing
1 glass of red wine***

*I wanted the granola & fruit parfait but they were out.  Really!
**Weakness - right up there chocolate

***Pinot Noir.  Yum.


Daily Activity:
Walked to lunch (.5 miles, gradual uphill)
Took stairs (but took elevator when I came back - I was reading!)
Swept sidewalk after Kayleigh mowed
Pulled weeds while Todd mowed

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Well. Isn’t this fun?

What prompted me to do something so drastic as to announce to the world my weight?

I can’t fit into the capri pants I bought in April. That is a clear sign, my friends. They fit fine when I tried them on (camo capris, very cute) but when I put them on a couple of weeks ago, nada.

My jeans are almost too tight to button, my undies roll under my stomach when I bend, my bras are extremely uncomfortable and while I’m a ham in front of the camera, I hate looking at pictures of myself (from the boobs down).

And I can’t afford new clothes. Hell, I don’t want to HAVE to buy new clothes.

I’m sure everyone has a snarky opinion of what the problem is (but don’t bother to leave a comment about it because I have the comments moderation on and I will delete your ass if you’re mean) but it’s really very simple.

I put in more than I burn off.
I have to start burning more off. Or putting less in.

Which is preferable to burning more off. I hate sweating.

I sit in a florescent cube all day; by the time I get home, I just want to go to sleep. That’s not helping either. Also, not helping? I don’t drink water during the day. I have my big ass tumbler of coffee in the morning, then if I really feel the need to drink something in the afternoon, I have hot tea. I rarely drink anything with dinner (unless it’s a glass of wine) and then I might have a hot cup of Sleepytime tea around 9.

I'm surprised my kidneys still work, honestly.


Drink more water, eat less carbs, try to walk at least a few times a week.

Simple, no?


Daily Consumption:

1 Raisin English muffin –  with margarine
1 Morningstar Farms soy sausage patty
16oz of coffee with 1% milk and a scoop of sugar
1 banana
Began nursing 1 bottle of water
2 pieces of Mad Pizza pizza
A few cashews
Chicken, sauteed zucchini & mushrooms
2 pieces of french bread with Brummel & Brown spread
3 Oreo cookies*

*They attacked me out of nowhere.  Dammit!


Daily Activity:
Walked to clinic and back (.75 miles, gradual uphill on the way there)